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Food Service

Full-service uniform and restaurant supply solutions for the front and the back of the house

Your Secret Ingredient To Five-Star Success

From essential restroom supplies to high-performance server apparel and chef coats, our fully managed restaurant supply services help ensure your restaurant and staff are polished, protected and on-brand. Whether you’re the cafe on the corner or a nationwide chain, our food service experts will help you build a rental package with the specific products and inventory you need – delivered fresh weekly.

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Key Restaurant Supplies ... Backed by Dependable Service

In your line of business, appearance matters. It contributes to an overall positive guest impression. We know how important apparel is when it comes to helping your entire team – chefs, line cooks, servers, bartenders and hosts – put their best image forward. With a rental uniform program, you don’t have to stress over the cleanliness of your chef coats, aprons and cook shirts.

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Essential Product Services

Serve up an even better experience when you easily add on any of the following offerings to your rental program.


Get professionally cleaned chef coats, chef pants, cook shirts, aprons and more, all tailored for the perfect fit.

Benefits of a Uniform Rental Program

We can handle your team’s uniforms so you can focus on taking care of your customers.

How a Uniform Rental Service Works

A Vestis uniform program is more than washing your chef coats, cook shirts and aprons. Our service adds value to your business.

Overcome the Hassles of a Self-Managed Uniform Program

Managing your team's uniforms takes time and resources away from important tasks. Let us help with a fully managed uniform rental program.

Uniforms For Your Fast-Paced Kitchens

From chefs and line cooks to dishwashers and bussers, you need uniforms that can keep up with your shifts. We can put your team in uniforms that help them perform their best and look professional.

How Linen Service for Restaurants Supports Hygiene

Fresh tablecloths and napkins not only make a positive impression on diners, but they also promote hygienic standards. See why a professional, hygienically clean laundering process matters.

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Ready to learn more? Meet with a Vestis expert and we'll help you build a program that meets your specific needs.