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How Linen Service for Restaurants Supports Hygiene

Learn the importance of clean linens for food service establishments.

In the restaurant business, hygiene is absolutely essential. From surface areas to your tables and essential linens, upholding food safety standards and putting your best food forward in cleanliness and appearance is essential. No one wants to eat somewhere that doesn’t appear clean.

But keeping your establishment in top form requires a comprehensive approach to cleanliness, and restaurant fabrics can pose a unique challenge to busy restaurant managers and operations specialists. Your tablecloths (likely dozens) and napkins (likely hundreds) need to be spotless and ready for use each and every day that your doors are open to patrons.

But keeping linens clean and stocked can be quite a large lift for a busy establishment, requiring a supportive solution where soiled garments are regularly cleaned and replenished. Vestis’ restaurant linen cleaning service is here to help you lighten your load with this cumbersome, yet critically important job by handling all your tablecloth cleaning and napkin cleaning through our linen rental service program.

Upholding Hygiene Standards with Vestis Linen Services

Vestis offers high-quality linens and linen services for restaurants and hospitality organizations, including restaurant essentials like tablecloths and napkins.

Linens are only as clean as the laundering method, and beyond that, the broader hospitality environment plays a key role. Our specialized linen cleaning process was developed and refined over our 75 years of servicing businesses like yours. We understand your reputation and operational licenses rely on your ability to maintain a sanitary environment.

Hygiene Priorities in Restaurant Settings

Clean uniforms and linens are important to employee and customer peace of mind in dining spaces. Modern-day customers expect cleanliness, and especially with infection concerns becoming more commonplace in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Vestis is committed to ensuring high hygiene standards for our clients, and our linen cleaning methods are designed to do just that. Our specialized wash formulas are engineered specifically for each type of fabric, soil level and desired pH to effectively clean.

For table linens and napkins, we employ a cleaning process that exceeds industry standards. We wash linens using an EPA-registered formula that exceeds industry standards.

Each week, we launder chef wear, aprons and towels so your staff has a fresh set of uniforms and cleaning supplies each day. We optimize four main wash components – proper time, temperature, mechanical action and chemical action.

Benefits of Partnering with Vestis

Partnering with Vestis provides your organization with many benefits.

Expertise in Handling and Cleaning Restaurant Linens

We have 75 years of experience handling and cleaning restaurant linens. Along with our wash process, we know what it takes to keep your facility in top form. We help manage your linen inventory levels and replenish with clean items regularly so that you don’t have to worry about running out of clean tablecloths and napkins.

Adherence to Industry-Approved Cleaning Methods and Products

Our strict process for table linens meets requirements for laundering fabrics that may have direct or indirect food contact, which means you are providing customers with cleaner, fresher linens during each service. Our wash formula is hygienically clean.

Timely Pickups and Deliveries

Vestis Route Sales Representatives (RSR) routinely visit restaurant customers to deliver clean linens, towels, floor mats and/or uniforms, depending on your service agreement. With each visit, we pick up soiled linens and other garments and bring them back to our facility for a thorough cleaning.

Linens Upkeep

With time, linens tend to wear out and become tattered or frayed with regular use, compromising the overall quality, appearance and effectiveness of these items. With Vestis’ linen rental program, our customers don’t have to worry about purchasing new linens because Vestis will repair or replace damaged linens when needed. Your items are not only stocked, but also monitored regularly for wear and tear. Your RSR will address quality concerns before an unsightly tablecloth or napkin finds its way to your dining room.

Full-Service Approach for Restaurant Customers

Vestis also offers a number of other important restaurant supply and rental services that can be bundled easily to build a service plan for your location. Our approach to cleanliness and cleaning processes extends into our uniform rental program, floor mat care and towel services. You can rely on Vestis to cover all your bases, from chef wear to logo mats, mops to bar and dish towels.

We also offer essential restroom supplies and first aid kit services so you don’t have to work with several different vendors or spend valuable time keeping them stocked.

Your Linens Partner

Compromising on hygiene excellence is not an option for food service establishments. Your image, reputation and customer experience are at risk.

Partner with Vestis to ensure that your linens and other garments and workplace supplies are taken care of, so you can focus on welcoming your guests and growing your business.

Ready for Vestis to take it from here?

Speak with one of our experts today to determine a linen service plan that can meet your specific needs.