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Uniforms and workplace supplies that stand up to your toughest shift

Help Your Team Stay Productive and Safe

Empower your team to look, feel and perform at their best with heavy-duty workwear that is customizable for your brand. Flame resistant, high-visibility uniforms put your team’s safety front and center. And we’ll handle the hassle of washing with laundering services that can remove tough stains and soil.

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Equipping Your Workforce

When it comes to choosing industrial workwear for your team, there’s a lot to keep in mind. Let us help you build a rental uniform program that meets your needs while adding value to your business.

Key Considerations

Essential Product Services


Get workwear for the assembly line all the way to the front office.

Reasons to Rent Your FR Workwear

FR clothing and uniforms are critical for your workforce's safety. Learn the benefits of using a uniform rental service for your flame-resistant clothing needs.

Understanding FR Fabrics

Explore the science of flame-resistant fabrics and discover how they help to keep you and your workplace safer.

Your Expert in Manufacturing Uniforms

Managing and maintaining your workwear is essential to your productivity. As a leading rental service provider, we can take care of this task.

How a Uniform Rental Service Works

A Vestis uniform program is more than washing your shirts, pants and coveralls. Our service adds value to your business.

Overcome the Hassles of a Self-Managed Uniform Program

Managing your team's uniforms takes time and resources away from important tasks. Let us help with a fully managed uniform rental program.

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Ready to learn more? Meet with a Vestis expert and we'll help you build a program that meets your specific needs.