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Reach Out For More Information

Need to talk to a friendly expert? Call 866-VESTIS1.
  • What services are offered near me?

    Every Vestis location offers the following rental services for your business – uniforms, restroom supplies, first aid, floor mats, towel, mops and cleaning chemicals. We also have several Cleanroom locations that meet strict cleanroom requirements for garments, cleaning and more.

  • How do I get a quote for starting a rental program?

    Our experts are ready to help you. Fill out our Request a Quote form or call us at 866-VESTIS1 and we’ll prepare a quote that meets your needs.

  • What if my garments need a repair?

    When you partner with us, you’ll receive a Vestis repair card holder with repair tags. If you need replacement repair tags, ask your Route Sales Representative (RSR). To request a repair, simply fill out a repair tag and attach it to the garment. If the repair isn’t made, please contact your Territory Manager.

  • What if I need to increase my weekly usage?

    If you need more of anything, we’re happy to adjust. Talk to your RSR about changing your product inventories.

  • What if some of my garments or products weren’t delivered?

    Please call us at 866-VESTIS1 so we can help resolve your issue.

  • Why is there a preparation charge on my invoice?

    Each time a uniform is ordered, preparation and emblem fees are charged. These are additional costs that we incur to create and prepare the new order – such as material handling, shipping, and affixing emblems. These one-time charges also appear on your service agreement.

  • What if I'm experiencing quality concerns with my products?

    Please let your RSR know about any quality issues, and we’ll be happy to assist.

  • How do I order uniforms for new employees?

    We can help you easily add additional new wearers to your account. During an RSR visit, let them know you need to add a new employee. For the best fit, your RSR should measure all new employees. If you choose to place the order without measuring, you may encounter additional fees if the garments do not fit and need to be reordered.

  • Can I manage my Vestis account online?

    Yes, you can manage your account 24/7 from the Customer Portal. To get set up, go to the Customer Portal. You’ll need the following information:

    1. Your Vestis Account ID, which you can find on your statement labeled “Account Number”
    2. Your Billing Zip Code, which you can also find on your statement labeled “Bill To address”
    3. A valid email address

    We recommend using the web browsers Chrome, Edge or Firefox. Pop-ups must be enabled.

  • How can I view invoices and statements?

    Log into the Customer Portal. In the left navigation, go to Invoicing and select either Invoices or Statements. In the list of available documents, go to Actions on the right to view pdfs.

  • Can I make payments online?

    Yes, you can easily pay online. Log in to the Customer Portal. From the home screen, click Make a Payment and follow the prompts.

  • What if I have a question about my invoice?

    Our Customer Support Team is ready to help. Please call us at 866-VESTIS1 or submit a form request.

  • Where can I find information about job openings?

    We’re always looking for great candidates to join our team! To browse our current openings and apply online, please visit our Careers page.