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Vestis FlexFit™ High Performance Uniforms

Workwear for active teams on the move

From Hospitality to Manufacturing and Beyond

So many of the world’s most essential jobs are not confined to a traditional office environment. They are constantly on the move, physically active and often engaging with customers. This need for versatility in their work environment presents a challenge: How can they maintain a professional image when interacting with clients, all while meeting the rigorous physical demands of their job?

Vestis FlexFit™: Understanding the Demands of Active Employees

Vestis FlexFit™ high-performance uniforms offer a solution. Understanding the demands of active employees, the Vestis FlexFit™ line incorporates innovative materials and features to enhance functionality without compromising on style.

The design focuses on promoting ease of movement, durability and practicality to help ensure that employees can seamlessly transition between various tasks while maintaining a polished and professional appearance.

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Let a Uniform Rental Service Handle the Details for You

Choosing a uniform rental service like Vestis offers many advantages for businesses and their employees. It relieves the burden of uniform management, including sourcing, maintenance, and inventory control. Through rental services, businesses can make sure their employees have access to fresh, maintained uniforms without the need for in-house laundering or repairs.

Uniform rental services also provide a cost-effective solution, eliminating the upfront costs associated with purchasing uniforms outright. With rental services, businesses can budget more predictably, as the service typically includes regular maintenance and replacements, reducing unexpected uniform-related expenses.

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