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Vestis Uniform Management Services

Discover how Vestis can help you overcome the hassles of a self-managed uniform program.

Overcoming the Hassles of Self-Managed Uniform Programs: Vestis Uniform Rental Solutions

Uniforms are a crucial part of your operations and can enhance your business in many valuable ways by:   

  • Creating a positive and professional impression 
  • Increasing your perceived value in the marketplace  
  • Giving your employees a sense of pride and team spirit 
  • Maintaining high levels of safety and hygiene 

When selecting work apparel for your team, it may be difficult to determine whether to self-manage your own uniform program or to use uniform management services. While self-managing might seem like a less complicated approach, the reality is that a uniform rental program can be more convenient and efficient for businesses in the long-term. Let’s look at why.  

The Hassles of Self-Managing Uniforms

A self-managed approach might be appealing because it is familiar and straightforward — you buy the garments and you or your team cleans them for re-use. This puts you in the driver’s seat regarding all uniform decisions.   

However, there are several disadvantages to self-managing your uniform program that can go unrecognized initially, including:   

  • High initial costs — Buying all your uniforms upfront comes with a hefty price tag before your uniforms are even in use. It can become expensive when you consider a week’s worth of garments for each employee, cleaning resources, etc.  
  • Time management — Laundry and uniform management is extremely time consuming. For most management teams, that time can be better invested into business growth.  
  • Ongoing maintenance and repairs — If your uniforms become worn out or ruined, it’s your responsibility to replace or repair them. Both options require time and resources that could be allocated elsewhere. If you’re working in an industry where clothes become easily torn or tattered, the cost of repairing or replacing those items quickly adds up.  
  • Inventory management  If you have a larger team with multiple variations of uniforms, managing all those garments can be a big burden. How you will store both soiled and clean garments must be considered, as well as increasing your uniform inventory during times of growth or for seasonality.  
  • Laundering and cleaning — With purchasing and owning your own uniforms, you will likely depend on your employees to launder their own uniforms and ensure they are clean, presentable, and ready for work.  This can create an additional burden on employees and potential conflict in the workplace if employee appearance is not meeting expectations. 
  • Consistent representation of your company — Making sure your team is presentable and properly representing your brand requires some consistency with your uniforms. If you’re purchasing one batch now, and another batch in few months, you’re at a higher risk for mismatched colors (due to fading) or unavailable styles. You could end up with a vast array of different looks even with the same garments leaving your team looking a bit off. This might send the wrong message about your brand being disorganized, disheveled or indifferent towards professionalism. 

The Benefits of Using a Uniform Rental Service

A uniform rental service is a great alternative to self-managing your own uniform program because of the many benefits.  

Cost Savings  

With a rental program, the initial up-front purchase is not nearly as high and cost savings continue in the long-term without having to buy new garments, make weekly or daily laundry runs, or repair existing uniforms. Instead, you pay a monthly fee and always have clean uniforms.  

Convenience and Flexibility  

Replenishing your uniforms is much easier with a service provider handling all the details. You don’t have to worry about garments becoming ruined because Vestis picks up, washes, replenishes and even replaces your worn garments as needed.  

Program adjustments and on-the-fly service changes are also easier when working with a team of uniform experts, including modified quantities or styles for busy periods or seasonality, logos and personalization, size adjustments, and modified delivery schedules as needed.  

Quality Assurance  

Ease your worries about dirty, torn, frayed or tattered uniforms. With regular maintenance and repairs from a rental provider, we help catch repairs before they become an issue.  

Compliance and Safety

If you’re in an industry with specific compliance considerations or uniform requirements, a partner like Vestis has got you covered. Vestis works with regulated industries with compliance requirements uniforms and other fabrics.  

Safety Apparel Uniforms and Services

From flame resistance to high-visibility and beyond, gain peace of mind knowing that your facility uniforms are safe and in compliance at all times.

Expertise and Support

Vestis has been in the uniform business for 75+ years and understands what it takes to support businesses like yours. We have a history of taking care of our customers and know how to optimize uniform management programs.   

Our experienced customer service team can resolve your issues quickly and effectively. Our advanced uniform inventory management and tracking system keeps everything in place so that your uniform quantities remain consistent. Also, our professional route sales representatives make on-time deliveries each and every day without missing a beat.   

Your Uniform Rental Service Partner

Vestis uniform management services is an extension of your team that can be a huge benefit to your business. We’ll handle all the details, so your workers always look and feel good while on the job. Getting started is easy. 

Contact your local Vestis service center and a team member will reach out to begin a needs assessment for your future uniform service plan.  

Ready for Vestis to take it from here?

Speak with one of our experts today to help determine a uniform service plan that can meet your specific needs.