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Chef Uniforms for Fast-Paced Kitchens

Equip your chefs for success with kitchen uniforms that perform

Restaurant kitchens are an active, fast-paced environment. And while your kitchen staff is much less visible than your front-of-house staff, their garments still need to be ready for the rigors of the job while remaining presentable.

As a manager or restauranteur, it is your responsibility to ensure your uniform rentals meet the needs of everyone on the team. Your chefs play a critical role in building your brand, and its important they are prepared to excel in their positions with proper chef uniforms.

Kitchen Uniforms

Chefs work hard, and so they need breathable materials to help them stay cool in a hot kitchen. Similarly, they need materials that provide flexibility to move around the kitchen from station to station with ease. Vestis offers an extensive selection of kitchen uniforms designed specifically for chefs, cooks and other important kitchen roles.

Chef Coats

Chef coats provide that outer-most layer of protection for your busy chefs, and they also are what your customers will see when they get a glimpse of your kitchen leaders. As such, it is important that your chefs coats are on brand, and you might even consider customizing this item with your logo.

Your restaurant might also require a coat specifically designed for messy food prep activities as well other coats that are more customer-friendly. Whatever the situation, Vestis offers chef coats for every type of kitchen job.

Cook Shirts

Chef’s shirts or cook shirts keep your employees properly protected against kitchen messes. You might consider different types of shirts for different roles in the kitchen, and cook shirts would be appropriate for those working the grill or fryers, while the staff that is preparing plates might appreciate lighter garments in general. Regardless, Vestis has a large selection of shirts in performance materials that will keep your workers cool, calm and collected.

Chef Pants

Chef pants are likely to be much different than what your front-of-house staff is wearing. Chefs generally need baggier pants for ease of movement, and big pockets that are easy to retrieve items from. This is often much different than other uniform pants needed in a restaurant.


Restaurant aprons can also serve many purposes. Looking for some heavy-duty protection for intensive food prep like butchering meat? Then you might opt for a larger apron with maximum protection for your prep cooks. Need something light and functional for your grill master? Then you might consider a lightweight apron with large accessible pockets. Vestis also offers aprons suitable for bartenders and waitstaff.

Food Service Uniforms & Supplies Beyond the Kitchen

Whether you’re equipping your chefs or other positions in your restaurant, or simply re-supplying your facilities, Vestis can help! We offer a vast selection of restaurant uniform rentals, as well as towels, floor mats, mops, and first aid and restroom supplies.

We can help move your operations forward with:

  • Professional laundering that includes a wash formula specifically engineered for food and beverage soils
  • Weekly on-time deliveries straight to your door
  • Easy-to-update uniform programs to accommodate staffing changes
  • Route Sales Representatives committed to building long-lasting relationships as well as a centralized service team ready to respond to all your requests
  • Convenient one-vendor management for uniform and workplace supplies

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