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Automotive employee wearing a mechanic uniform working under the hood of a vehicle in auto shop

On average, car buyers spend nearly three hours at the dealership during the car buying process1. That’s a significant amount of time to make a positive, long-lasting impression that leads to first time purchases, repeat business and referrals.

But how do you ensure that your customers are having a memorable, professional experience in your dealership?

It starts the minute they walk into your showroom and continues with every touchpoint — from dealership shirts and automotive workwear to mechanic uniforms and workplace necessities that keep your floors safe and restrooms clean. Vestis™ provides the uniforms and workplace supplies you need to do your good work while leaving a lasting impression on your customers.

With longstanding relationships working with several automotive groups and dealerships, we’ve helped create positive customer experiences by providing workwear, uniforms and workplace supplies for employees in every department including:


Have you ever walked in a business and notice an unkempt entrance, dirty floors and sloppily dressed employees and walked right out? A customer’s first impression is also the first step in the sales process. Create an environment that is more professional with front lobby employees dressed in branded dealership shirts or jackets, as well as service personnel and mechanics in automotive uniform shirts and custom mechanic workwear. Don’t overlook your floors — welcome mats with your company logo help keep floors not only looking good, but also reduce the chance of injuries from wet surfaces.


Customers spend a substantial amount of time in your showroom. Chances are you’ve put a lot of thought and time into the look of your dealership and the people you hire. Vestis helps you tie it all together with branded dealership shirts for your showroom staff. Not only does a consistent image help create a professional appearance and brand loyalty, but dealership shirts also identify every employee to your customers. Customers immediately know who they can go to with questions or assistance without wasting their time.

Service and Parts Department

It makes sense that customers who have a positive experience in the showroom will be more likely to have their car serviced at the same dealership. And 85% of customers surveyed reported that their experience with the service department influenced their likelihood to purchase another vehicle from that dealership2.

With a statistic like that, it’s important to create a favorable experience from the first visit. Vestis has a full range of uniforms to outfit every member of your service department. We carry automotive uniform shirts for receptionists or desk workers and mechanic uniforms and/or custom mechanic workwear depending on your needs. We carry a wide variety of styles such as jackets, polos, work pants and shirts, and coveralls in sizes to outfit your whole team comfortably with added features to help get the job done safely. When you use our rental service, we also handle the pickup and delivery of laundered uniforms to maintain neatness and uphold the performance of your automotive workwear garments.

But uniforms aren’t the only thing you need in your service area. Vestis also provides a wide variety of floor mats to reduce the appearance of grease and grime and the tracking of oil and other hazards that could increase the likelihood of a slip or fall for customers and employees alike.

With 76% of technicians experiencing at least one injury working in the shop2, you want to do everything you can to keep this statistic out of your dealership. Vestis helps by providing comfort and relief to standing employees with cushioned, anti-fatigue mats. Our mats have unique features such as rounded edges that help eliminate trips or falls. Additionally, we can supply shop towels, fenders and seat covers, microfiber wipes and mops for cleaning up spills and managing standing liquids.

Customer Waiting Area, Employee Lounge and Restrooms

It’s important to create a safe, clean and professional area for customers to wait and employees to take breaks. Vestis helps by managing your restroom supplies and first aid kits by delivering supplies right to your dealership. We help take the worry away from wondering if your restroom is stocked in a clean, professional manner or if your first aid kit is maintained if an employee or customer is injured or becomes ill. Additionally, we have safety slogan mats with important reminders that can be placed throughout your dealership and coffee or Steady Splash mats to help prevent burns, slips or falls.

For more information on how Vestis can help your dealership maintain a professional, welcoming and safe environment, and in turn encourage repeat customers, contact us today. Our industry experts are ready to help you with uniform and workplace supplies throughout your dealership.

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