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Putting Safety First With First Aid Kit Service

Discover how outsourcing first aid kit management can help enhance workplace safety and ensure compliance

First aid kits are an important resource for helping to ensure the health and safety of all the people in a particular location. And if that location is your place of business, then you are legally required to keep workplace kits properly stocked with first aid supplies, including products that have not expired.

But workplace first aid kits can often become an afterthought to busy operations or facilities managers. As such, you may not realize when it’s time to replenish your kits and what supplies need to be refreshed by various dates. Luckily, a first aid kit replenishment service can help you do just that by managing the details for you.

Benefits of First Aid Kit Services

A first aid cabinet service is a third-party provider that oversees your first aid kit supplies – restocking as needed. This important service has many benefits that can help your organization in ways you may not realize.

Enhanced Workplace Safety

Though it’s hard to place a value on health preparedness in emergency situations, first aid supplies for businesses are extremely beneficial because of the enhanced safety that it provides your facilities and workers. These kits ensure your business has necessary products and supplies available to render aid as needed. This aid could come in the form of gauze for a deep wound or simply medicine for a nagging headache. Regardless of how big or small the medical situation is, having the kit stocked and ready-to-go at a moment’s notice is essential to enhancing your workplace safety. Service providers can help you ensure that everything in the first aid cabinet is ready to be used, and quite possibly, ready to render critical aid. That’s invaluable.

OSHA & ANSI Compliance

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires all businesses to have first aid kits on premises, and some industries must meet even stricter compliance requirements related to specific first aid supplies and training. Meanwhile, the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) and the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA) have established minimum performance standards and recommendations related to first aid kits and their supplies.

Though penalties can vary by state, non-compliance can result in fines for your business.

Vestis offers two types of Class A first aid kits, one with OTC medications, and one without medications. Both options meet OSHA requirements and ANSI recommendations.

Increased Efficiency

With a first aid kit service, you spend much less time worrying about and restocking your essential first aid supplies and more time making an impact on your business in other key areas. Instead, invest this saved time in growing your business or focusing on things that more directly impact revenue. The chart below illustrates how much time can be saved when first aid kit maintenance is handled by a service provider like Vestis.

Taking care of your first aid kits can also help boost productivity as employees are more likely to continue working through minor injuries so long as the first aid kit is available for them to use. In fact, 58% of employees surveyed said using supplies from the first aid kit has allowed them to finish their work shift1. On top of that, employees appreciate an employer that has invested in workplace safety. According to a recent study, 85% of employees we surveyed say they feel valued when their employer provides a first aid kit2.

Meanwhile, you can rest assured knowing that your first aid supplies are inspected and monitored by experienced professionals who know what to replace and when to replace it.

How Our First Aid Kit Service Works

Vestis provides first aid kit supplies delivery and monitoring to businesses in all industries. How it works is pretty straightforward:

  1. We meet with you to discuss the first aid needs of your business – We’ll get to know your business and we’ll get to know your business requirements and offer a first aid cabinet that meets your needs.
  2. Delivery and installation – Vestis will install your first aid cabinets and supplies in easy-to-reach areas determined by your designated first aid program manager, so you’re better prepared for accidents.
  3. Regulation ready – A dedicated Route Sales Representative (RSR) visits your facility to check and restock your first aid cabinet(s) to help meet applicable OSHA requirements and ANSI recommendations.
  4. Inventory replenishment – We’ll keep an eye on inventory for you. During each visit, your RSR will save you the hassle and check inventory, and product expiration dates and replace any items you need during your next scheduled visit.

Your First Aid Service Partner

Vestis offers first aid solutions with your business in mind. From fully stocked first aid cabinets to regular visits, we’ll help you keep your workplace safer and compliant. Contact us to get started today!

1,2 Survey conducted by Big Village, funded by Vestis, 2022. Based on qualified respondents who work outside the home in a place of business.

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