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Understanding Uniform Rental Service Benefits

Discover how to streamline operations and boost your image.

Our dedicated team works one-on-one with customers across industries to understand businesses’ uniform needs. We know one of your top priorities is your customers, so we make it easier for you to focus on them.  

Vestis offers fully managed rental programs for uniforms and workplace supplies to help companies and teams focus on doing what you do best. To complement uniform rental programs, we also sell direct purchase workwear.

Understanding the Benefits of Uniform Rentals

Vestis uniform rental services are comprehensive and eliminate the need for additional vendors and unexpected costs that detract from your bottom line.   

Why You Should Consider a Uniform Rental Service

  • There are little to no upfront costs with renting uniforms, which means you don’t have to purchase multiple sets of uniforms for each employee. 
  • We take the logistics off your plate by picking up soiled uniforms and delivering clean uniforms back to your location on schedule. 
  • You’ll have fewer vendors to coordinate when all your uniform rentals and workplace supplies are delivered and managed by one supplier. 
  • We can work with you on quantity adjustments, which means easily adding a wearer when you have new hires.
  • We offer several options for brands and styles of uniforms to choose from when building your team’s image. 
  • Our professional, scientific wash process is built into our uniform services and helps keep your uniforms clean and looking their best 
  • Our service includes routine garment inspections and repairs when necessary. 

When You Should Consider Purchasing Work Apparel

There may be times when purchasing uniforms and other workwear makes sense for your business.  

  • Special Events: T-shirts or sweatshirts for special events can be customized to match the theme, making your team stand out and leaving a memorable impact on attendees. 
  • Company Swag: While standard uniforms serve the day-to-day needs of your workforce, investing in custom apparel for swag can enhance your identity and boost employee morale. 
  • Seasonal or Specialized Items: In certain industries, specialized items might be required to meet specific job demands or environmental conditions. Instead of renting standard uniforms that may not cater to the unique requirements of a particular season or job function, buying specialized apparel ensures that your team is well-equipped for any situation. 

Whether you choose to rent or buy, Vestis is your trusted partner in maintaining a professional image for your workforce. Explore our diverse range of uniform solutions, including trusted brands you know and love, and discover how Vestis can help your team better serve the people they serve. 

Bring your company’s image to life

Renting uniforms through Vestis managed services also allows you to showcase your company’s logo through custom emblems. See how it works.

A uniforms rental plan that suits your needs

Speak with one of our experts today to determine the best uniforms rental plan for your team.