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Close up of a hand wiping down a surface with a blue healthcare microfiber towel

Did you know that healthcare-associated infections (HAIs) are infections acquired during hospital stays or other healthcare procedures? They can show up either within 48 hours after admission or within 30 days after discharge1. These infections are a serious concern and are among the top 10 causes of death in the United States2.

HAIs can spread in various ways, including person-to-person contact, contaminated equipment and even through medical textiles. Yes, the fabrics used in your healthcare facility can affect infection rates—and ultimately, patient satisfaction.

Let’s dive into how using healthcare microfiber can help tackle the spread of HAIs and lead to happier patients. We’ll also explore the different types of healthcare microfiber products available from Vestis™ and why microfiber cloths and microfiber mops should be part of your cleaning program.

Traditional cleaning tools simply move dirt around, whereas healthcare microfiber grabs and removes it from surfaces. Microfiber is a unique blend of densely woven polyester and nylon fibers that are about 1/16th the width of a human hair. This material can hold up to six times its weight in liquid. One of its top benefits is that microfiber’s positively charged fibers attract negatively charged particles, effectively trapping them until they’re laundered. Microfiber’s tiny fibers can penetrate microscopic pores, leaving fewer contaminants behind3.

Now, let’s talk about the many benefits of microfiber use in hospitals.

For Patients: Imagine cleaner surfaces, fewer dust particles3 and reduced cross-contamination4 — all thanks to healthcare microfiber. Patients trust you to keep their environment safe and hygienic. Microfiber can help make that possible.

For Staff: Healthcare microfiber makes cleaning more efficient with less physical strain placed on your hardworking staff. They’re able to perform their jobs quicker. Plus, fewer chemical changes mean less exposure to harsh cleaning agents.

For Administration: Cut costs by reducing chemical and water usage and labor expenses. And with a rental program from Vestis, you can skip the hassles of onsite laundering.

For the Environment: Healthcare microfiber’s absorbency means less need for chemicals and water. Plus, with a laundering program from Vestis, you have less disposable waste — a win for sustainability.

When it comes to microfiber in hospitals, Vestis has you covered. We pick up soiled healthcare microfiber, professionally launder it, monitor usage and deliver clean supplies to your facility on a weekly basis.

Vestis helps maintain the effectiveness of healthcare microfiber with our proprietary, four-step laundering process, MicroVantage. This system uses an EPA-registered sanitizer that reduces 99.9%5 of pathogens in microfiber in hospitals.

1. Separate

Washing microfiber with other fabrics may attract unwanted lint, which could harm its cleaning properties. We wash microfiber separately from other textiles and only with other microfiber products to protect the effectiveness of the fibers.

2. Sanitize

When laundered with chlorine bleach or in high temperatures often used in hygienically clean wash cycles, microfiber can be damaged, which lessens its effectiveness. We launder microfiber in a wash process that utilizes temperatures lower than 160° F — and features AdvaCare, an EPA-registered sanitizer developed by Ecolab. Our sanitizing wash process maintains the functional integrity of the fibers while reducing nearly all pathogens. In compliance with BBP handling requirements, our wash process meets CDC guidelines for healthcare laundry and provides an advanced level of clean5.

3. Substitute

We routinely inspect microfiber products at our processing facility to identify any missing or damaged items, which we then replace with new product. Our attention to detail helps ensure you receive effective microfiber, each and every time.

4. Service

Our Route Sales Representatives (RSRs) routinely replenish and monitor inventory. RSRs are trained in the handling and transportation of BBP-bearing textiles.

Our microfiber rental program includes a range of products tailored to your needs.

Microfiber High Dusters Healthcare: Perfect for cleaning high-touch surfaces, leaving them dry and streak-free. They’re also low-lint and less wasteful than traditional options.

Microfiber Cloth/Towels/Wipers Healthcare: Hypoallergenic and quick-drying, these cloths are versatile enough to help tackle hard-to-reach spots with greater ease.

Microfiber Mops Healthcare: Drip-free and durable, these mops stand up to the demands of busy hospitals. Plus, they’re lighter and more maneuverable than traditional mops.

Ready to elevate your cleaning needs and help improve patient satisfaction? Reach out to our experts today to learn more about our healthcare microfiber rental solutions for healthcare facilities.

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