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Workplace Solutions That Work for Your Business

Vestis uniforms and workplace supplies can help optimize efficiency and professionalism in your business.

Uniforms and Uniform Services

Promote Professionalism and Save Time

Build your company’s image and unite your team with high-quality work apparel from Vestis. Our full-service rental program is designed to anticipate the unique needs of your business by making, delivering and laundering uniforms on schedule. Help ensure the safety of your team with professional cleaning and let them focus on the work that matters most so your business won’t miss a beat.  

Not sure if uniforms are that important to your business? When surveyed, 69% of business owners believed uniforms make a professional impression on their customers1.

And more than half of Vestis customers surveyed agree that a fully managed uniform program frees up time for other tasks2.

Independent buyers of employee uniforms spend an average of 1.6 hours each month on managing uniforms for employees, which is time that could be used focusing on their job or managing business operations2. 

Floor Mats and Mat Services

Help Improve the Safety, Cleanliness and Appearance of Your Business

Effective matting is key to helping prevent accidents and maintaining cleanliness. From the front to the back of your business, the look and condition of your mats can either help you keep customers coming back or it will drive them away. With Vestis mat services, our team will make sure you have the mats you need and that they’re kept clean. Your business will look its best, have a safer environment, and you’ll have one less thing to worry about.     

Wondering if your business should prioritize floor mats? It’s best not to take chances when 85% of worker’s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors3.    

And employee slip and fall compensation and medical costs are $70 billion annually4,2. 

With the proper matting system, 80% of moisture and soil can be kept from entering a facility and 85% of dirt, dust, and moisture brought into a building can be contained within the first 15 to 18 feet5.      

Restroom Supply Service

Elevate Hygiene Standards for Happier Teams and Customers

A clean and well-stocked restroom is a reflection of a business’s commitment to customer and employee satisfaction. With Vestis restroom supply service, we’ll make sure you maintain an environment that promotes hygiene, comfort and overall satisfaction from your customers and your employees. We’ll take care of accurate stocking and refilling so you’re free to focus on other matters with confidence. 

How important are your restrooms? When surveyed, 64% of people surveyed would avoid an establishment based on a negative restroom experience6. 

Surveys showed that 90% of employees feel appreciated when their place of employment has a tidy and stocked restroom7. 

Restroom services give their employees time back in their day, according to 62% of Vestis customers8.  

Route-Based First Aid Supplies & Service

Ensure that You Meet Safety Compliance   

Minor incidents can become a major problem if a business is not prepared to handle the situation. That’s why it’s best for every business to meet OSHA requirements by keeping a fully stocked kit of products that meet ANSI standards. Vestis can ensure your employees have the right products on hand so they can treat minor incidents and return to work safely.  

Are you paying attention to first aid needs? When customers were surveyed, 87% said Vestis first aid kits help their business maintain safety compliance9. 

Expanded First Aid Services

Play it Even Safer with a Comprehensive Safety Solution 

Some industries and businesses require more comprehensive and customizable first aid solutions including eye wash stations, AEDs, assorted PPE products and training courses. That’s why we offer products that meet ANSI product standards and OSHA requirements as well as provide training and stock management. You’ll know your employees have the products and know-how to feel prepared and to make sure minor incidents don’t turn into bigger issues.     

And 72% said Vestis first aid kits help their employees return to work quickly10.    

Mops & Towel Services

Maintain a Clean Environment to Retain Your Customers   

Cleanliness has a powerful impact on the perception of a business. Once a customer experiences poor maintenance, a business may not get another chance to change their minds. That means keeping your environment clean with the proper tools is critical to businesses of every size. Our mop and towel rental service includes quality products delivered and cleaned weekly to help your business impress customers and guests. We’ll manage the amount of towels and mops you need and ensure they’re laundered regularly.  

How concerned should you be about cleanliness? When surveyed, 99% of 1,004 adult customers said they would refuse to go back to a poorly cleaned store11.

In that same survey, poor cleanliness scored higher than bad customer service12. 

Another study found that 52% of the respondents will avoid a store entirely if it looks dirty and unappealing from the outside13.     

Our Commitment to You  

We exist to step in and make the necessities of running a business easier and more efficient. From professional uniforms to the soap in your restrooms, we’re here to provide help with all of the little details so you can focus on more important things. We’re ready to help you:   

  • Show professionalism with custom uniform delivery and laundering service  
  • Help keep your business safer and cleaner with floor mats and mat services   
  • Impress customers by monitoring and restocking restroom supplies  
  • Support employee safety by stocking and replenishing first aid kits  
  • Be prepared for the unexpected with comprehensive first aid services  
  • Maintain an environment customers can enjoy with towel and mop service     

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