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Automotive Workwear and Mechanic Uniforms

From the garage to the office, discover the balance of functionality, durability and professionalism

In the automotive industry, quality workwear can improve the performance and safety of your entire auto shop team. Proper garments help protect workers from the grime of the job and the conditions around the shop, helping them feel and perform at their best.  

Automotive workwear can also help your business keep up a professional appearance. Whether in the garage, service areas, office settings or even on a dealership floor, professionalism can go a long way toward helping you stand out amongst your competitors.   

Vestis offers a variety of automotive workwear and uniform options.   

Mechanic Coveralls

Coveralls help protect regular clothing from dirt, grease, grime, oil, paint and other materials common in an auto shop.  

Coveralls are exactly what they sound like – – a one-piece suit that covers the entire body. Automotive coveralls come in a variety of styles and fabrics, including: 

  • General cotton coveralls – These are suitable for most of the jobs performed by your mechanics. They offer full-body coverage without sacrificing comfort. The buttons are hidden so they don’t snag, and seams are stitched for durability.  
  • High visibility and enhanced visibility coveralls – If you have employees directing traffic or who need to be seen, equip them with high visibility coveralls for additional safety. 

Mechanic Shirts

Mechanic shirts are the most common clothing choice for busy mechanics. They include extra pockets for functionality, and are made of durable, flexible fabrics that are resistant to tears and stains.   

Vestis offers mechanic shirts in many styles and from top brands like Dickies®. Mechanic shirts are also available with specialty features such as high visibility and enhanced visibility.   

Mechanic Pants

Mechanic pants complete the outfit and offer ideal performance, durability and functionality for your auto shop employees. Like most automotive workwear, mechanic pants offer extra pockets for tools or parts and are loose fitting for comfort.   

High-visibility and enhanced-visibility options are also available.  


Garages become cold in the winter months, so it’s important to provide your team with the outerwear (jackets, coats, pullovers, etc.) they need to stay warm. Our jackets come in different levels of warmth for your colder months. Quality outerwear can help keep your team warm, safe and productive even when the weather is bad.   

Custom Branded Mechanic Uniforms

Add an extra layer of professionalism to your overall appearance with branded or personalized automotive uniforms. Vestis offers several customization options. You can add your logo and employee names with emblem patches to enhance your brand identity.   

A Vestis uniform representative will happily walk you through the decision-making process.   

Your Mechanic Uniform Rental Partner

Vestis delivers uniforms and supplies that can empower your people to do good work and good things for others while at work.  

For automotive industry customers, Vestis offers flexible uniform services that scale with your needs. Choose professional uniforms for your entire team with different options for mechanics, sales reps and office workers. Vestis professionally launders your soiled uniforms, and other garments using a wash formula specifically designed to remove tough grease and grime from fabrics.  Here’s how it works:     

  • A Vestis representative works with you to determine your overall uniform supply needs 
  • We drop off freshly laundered garments on your scheduled delivery day  
  • We pick up dirty garments from your location  
  • Our cleaning services launders your garments with a special wash formula designed to remove tough stains  
  • We monitor inventory levels to make sure you always have what you need

Your mechanics are hands-on workers, and that kind of dedicated support is exactly what a uniform service should be too. Contact your local Vestis team to learn more.

A uniform rental service for your automotive team

Speak with one of our experts today to determine the best rental uniform service plan for your shop.