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Employees working in a controlled environment wearing ESD clothing from Vestis, a leading cleanroom supplier

If you work in a controlled environment, you know all too well the importance of contamination control and the prevention of static build up. When product contamination or static turn into quality issues, delays in production or a complete shutdown, you need to rely on an experienced, comprehensive and innovative cleanroom supplier you can trust.

And that’s where Vestis excels.

We are constantly looking for new ways to help you keep your cleanroom facilities cleaner, productive, compliant with regulations and worry-free with our cutting-edge products and processes.

So, what sets Vestis cleanroom services apart? Why do 80% of the top 20 pharmaceutical and biotech companies choose Vestis1. Let’s look at some of the reasons.

Cleanroom Garments

We offer a full line of reusable and disposable garments made specifically for use in cleanrooms, as well as critical and controlled environments. Our barrier garments and building suits have been designed to address your cleanroom needs including contamination control (particulation, microbial and molecular), durability, sterility, static dissipation, moisture repellence, the use of silicone thread and of course, comfort and fit.

Our cleanroom garment service comes with many key benefits:

Anti-Static Garments and ESD Clothing – Our Starshield High Density Electrostatic Discharge garments reduce particle attraction, static charge buildup and potential ESD events by dissipating any charge generated. Grounding snaps can be added based on your requirements.  We provide ESD performance through 100 washes. Our Starshield HD ESD and Starshield Conductor™ fabrics have undergone rigorous laboratory tests to show that they meet or exceed key performance metrics, including bacterial filtration efficiency and electrostatic dissipation.

Cleanroom Coveralls, Frocks, Hoods and Boots – We offer a wide variety of cleanroom garments, including cleanroom coveralls with or without cuffs. They’re packaged in cleanroom-compatible, clear polyethylene, recyclable bags for ease of opening, and minimal particle release and faster gowning.

Self-Manufactured Garments – We manufactures cleanroom garments in North America reducing lead time for new garments and improves quality control. Other benefits of you’ll notice of our reusable garments: less fraying, maximum seam strength, increased garment durability and extra protection against particulate blowout.

Service and Delivery Network – We are the only cleanroom company with a network of dedicated processing plants and truck fleets to serve the U.S. and Canada.

Laundry Process – Our state-of-the-art laundry process batch washes garments by customer and garment type to maintain garment inventory integrity. Each wash load includes deionized water rinses to provide you with a cleaner garment.

Quality Control System – Our strict quality control system, MicroClear XP™ uses  16 critical control points to help prevent cross contamination within our process and ensure that our garments meet your cleanroom standards.

Cleanroom Supplies

Vestis is a full-service cleanroom supplier. We’ll work directly with your procurement department or with any third-party vendor offering contamination control services in your facilities. We offer a broad range of supplies for your cleanroom, including:

Cleanroom Mops and Systems – Top to bottom cleaning requires tools that put less strain on your staff and budget. We offer MicronSwep®, a state-of-the-art cleaning system designed specifically to meet or exceed all relevant ISO and GMP cleaning standards or controlled environments. An independent laboratory has tested the efficacy of MicronSwep® and concluded that this continuous filament microfiber polyfiber mopping system removes approximately 99.999% of the microbial contamination on a treated service2.

Additional Cleanroom Supplies – We are fully equipped to help you handle additional cleanroom, contamination and control needs with even more products, including reusable sterile wipes, garment storage, racks, lockers, paper, pads and tacky mats.

For more information on Vestis cleanroom and contamination control services, contact us today and our experts will be in touch.

1We serve 16 of the top 20 global innovative biopharmaceutical companies by market cap. Source: GlobalData, Pharmaceutical Intelligence Center Companies Database, 2022.

2Testing was conducted by PDA Laboratories and was commissioned and paid for by Vestis Cleanroom Services.